This division can be considered the original core from which the know-how of GRAF INDUSTRIES developed in the field of electrical engineering for the supply of: electrical systems and panels, medium voltage transformer substations, systems with KNX logic for civil home automation and industrial, management and supervision of HVAC systems, installations and security systems Tvcc and anti-theft, in addition to the distribution of data network of various kinds.

GRAF ELETTRA is today a large company in the design, construction, management and maintenance of the systems described, in addition to renewable energy systems such as small, medium and large photovoltaic systems for low or medium voltage network.

A solid and reliable referent that, thanks also to the collaboration of top-level partners, offers to client companies a truly unique experience in the plant engineering field for “turnkey” construction in order to follow and manage all electrical problems at 360 degrees, renewable energy and technical economic practices of the customer.